Whitey Thompson Hike-Bike-A-Thon Fundraiser

We celebrated our 25th year of the Whitey Thompson Hike Bike-A-Thon on May 22, 2019!  There were 652 students who participated and we set a new record in total donations - $79,398.54!  Event is sponsored by United Bank of Iowa and OABCIG Dollars for Scholars.

Did you know?

     There are two ways students can earn points on their scholarship application for their involvement in Hike Bike:

     1. Participant: the student sends out sponsor letters to raise donations

     2. Volunteer Helper: helping the day of the event, helping sort letters at United Bank of Iowa


     Participants are awarded more points than those who only volunteer to help.

     Students receive points for each year they participate, so the more years you participate, the more points you earn.

     Students can be a Participant and a Helper, in other words, they can complete the packet of sponsor letters and volunteer to help.