REMINDER: OABCIG Dollars for Scholars scholarships will be available to submit starting January 1, 2021. The deadline to submit is March 15, 2021.


TOP 10 TIPS for all high school students completing the OABCIG Dollars for Scholars Profile

  1. Start early - we suggest your freshman year.
  2. Be sure to properly list OABCIG as your school.
  3. Document your activities often - suggest quarterly, during advisor/advisee meetings.
  4. Read instructions carefully.
  5. Use proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar.
  6. Be Thorough - describe the event, your specific duties, etc.
  7. Community and School Activities - list number of years, number of hours, honors, offices, etc.
  8. Dollars for Scholars involvement - how to list on profile: (Hike Bike, Evening for Education, Pancake Breakfast, Can Cages, Talent Show)
  • activity tab
  • activity name - type in name of activity such as "Hike Bike"
  • activity type: choose community service from dropdown menu
  • activity - choose Dollars for Scholars from dropdown, complete the remaining information.
  1. Expect it to take some time.
  2. Keep email and contact information current.


10 Additional Tips for Seniors Only

  1. Keep in mind . . . by completing the Dollars for Scholars profile, you are also applying for several other scholarships from community organizations and businesses.
  2. Apply even if you are going into the military or don't plan on going to college/trade school in the fall. The scholarship is available to you to start using for two years.
  3. Watch school announcements and scholarship deadlines.
  4. After profile is complete, click on "My Scholarships" to see list of scholarships that you match to.
  5. If you have matched to a scholarship, be sure to complete any additional information, essay, or reference it is requesting.
  6. Make sure to "submit" the scholarships that you match to.
  7. Check "My Scholarships" often - you will only match to a scholarship after it is "open". Each scholarship has its own opening date and deadline.
  8. Read email - Dollars for Scholars committee will communicate with students through the email address listed on your profile.
  9. Keep your contact information current. If using a school email address, update it after graduation so Dollars for Scholars can continue to communicate with you during the next several years.
  10. You can have your parents proofread and review your profile.


NOTE: After your scholarship is awarded, you need to "accept" your scholarship online by the deadline. This is required annually to receive your scholarship each year.


How can I get the most points on my Dollars for Scholars application? (February school newsletter article)

Be Thorough. Think of everything you've been in involved in during your 4 years of high school and make sure you've included it in your profile. Students usually remember their school activities and work experience, but tend to forget the times they've volunteered for their school and community. Community involvement can be many things - church functions, 4H, donating blood, helping coach little league teams, and so much more . . . any activity that you've volunteered your time. It also includes Dollars for Scholars involvement which is participating and/or helping in Hike Bike and the pancake breakfast.

Be Specific. When listing your activities and involvement, be sure to list the number of years and number of hours you've contributed. For example, if someone lists "church - 4 years" that doesn't tell us much. It could mean that you've belonged to a church for 4 years without attending, or it could mean that you've been involved in youth group, choir, lecturing, fundraisers, servant events, and mission trips. Be specific to make sure you get points for the time that you've volunteered.

Describe your Involvement. Instead of just listing an event, provide a simple sentence or two describing your involvement in the event. Example: Instead of listing, "church fundraisers", describe your involvement with the fundraiser by saying, "I was a waitress at the spaghetti supper and washed dishes at the Easter breakfast". Remember, we do not see your name when we are score the information, so it is important to represent yourself well.

Expect the Profile to Take Time. Yes, it takes more time to be specific and describe your involvement, however it is time well spent. This profile is your opportunity to earn a Dollars for Scholars scholarship which can range  from $2,500 to $3,900. Also, by completing the Dollars for Scholars profile, you are also applying for several other local scholarships.