• Help educate our community members, especially OABCIG students and their parents, as to the growing importance that formal education beyond high school plays in the long-term success of our young people.
  • Provide financial assistance for all graduating and/or home-schooled seniors who meet the identified criteria as a means to create incentives and help motivate students at all levels in our school system to plan for and actively pursue post-secondary educational programs of their choosing.
  • Establish and administer the systems and activities necessary to insure a long-term and continuously improving program that is financially strong and growing, ethically beyond reproach, a credible and positive force in the community, an inspiration to our citizens, and above all else, serves the needs of the students in the OABCIG school system.

OABCIG Dollars for Scholars will conduct its business in a way that demonstrates and reinforces positive behaviors in the areas of common courtesy, good citizenship, fairness, and teamwork. In this way, OABCIG Dollars for Scholars will serve as a model for students to learn from and to emulate.